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At the moment whilst it’s getting darker earlier and we can't use the natural light, I will be running football training sessions in Caterham on sundays between 10am-1pm at the Town End Recreation Ground!

I am willing to take on groups of 6 maximum at the moment so I give my full attention to the players. I will lead a range of energetic football training drills and help the players with their fitness, skill, technique, and above all their enthusiasm for the game itself!




One-to-one coaching

If you wish to teach your child to play football, or if you yourself are interested in learning how to become a better player, personal training is the most effective way of all to learn. Playing matches and group training have their own benefits, but many players, especially goalkeepers and strikers, can go for long periods without seeing the ball. In terms of time spent using the ball, and the attention received, there is no training as effective as personal football coaching in producing rapid improvement.

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Boy kicking football in to goal





Young boy goalkeeping


Striker / goalkeeper training


Training these two types of player simultaneously works very well. In these football training sessions, a striker can practice against a goalkeeper, and will learn much more effectively when they are up against a real person, rather than simply trying to find the corner every time. For a goalkeeper, this training can be absolutely invaluable, as it gives them the opportunity to work and receive advice and tips while practising against a striker and defending a goal for long periods.








  • £15 per session
  • Flexibility
  • 1 Hour Training
  • Specialist
  • All Ages



  • £12.50 per session
  • 2 hour slots each session
  • Specialist Coaching



  • £10 per session
  • Entire month worth of coaching
  • Specialist Coaching



  • £25 per session
  • 1-1 Coaching?




  • £22.50 per session
  • 1-1 Coaching





  • £20 per session
  • 1-1 Coaching


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